Happiness of the earth

Horse and pony activity offers for the whole family

The happiness of the earth is known to be on the back of horses!
Our horses are not only mounts, but also teachers: they teach us slowness and mindfulness. 
Our family pony ride with grooming, braiding, petting and photo taking is included in the Replerhof inclusive services twice a week during the summer season! 
We would also like to give our guests the opportunity to consciously meet our horses in a one-on-one session. All sessions last at least 45 minutes. This way you have enough time with the animal. These horse experiences with the mobile riding instructor, horse and Mental Trainer Barbara Egger take place by appointment on site and for a fee.
It is important to wear suitable clothing: Sturdy shoes, long (stretchy) pants, hair tie. We are happy to lend riding helmets. 

Feel free to let us know of any personal questions you have
We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Whether it’s per e-mail or telephone, carrier pigeon or post. Regardless of the method you choose to ask your questions we will try our best to answer them as quickly as possible. Don’t hesitate, and contact us immediately. We are happy to receive a call and have contact with you in person in the family hotel Replerhof. To stay informed follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Horse and pony offers

Our mobile horse riding instructor trainer, and mental trainer Barbara Egger

Bookable on site during the Austrian main holiday season 2021.


45 min à 55 Euro


Horses are honest, unbiased and precise in their reactions therefore good at showing us how we appear to others. Horses don’t use words to speak, but we are still able to clearly understand them. Together with our amazing Haflinger Albani, I want to introduce you to the fascinating world of horse communication and show you how much we humans actually say using body language.


For children 10 years and older and adults. No experience of horses needed!

45 min à 55 Euro


Riding is much more than a sport, it is a second language, a second body and a second soul. I undertake my instruction sensitively and thoughtfully considering the wishes and needs of the rider. The most important thing is to enjoy the time with the horse with no pressure on performance and without stress.


For children 8 years and older, youths and adults.

45 min à 55 Euro


Aimed at all leaders in all areas and anyone wanting to find out more about themselves. Horses are in a lot of ways similar to humans. Their world also consists of many different characters following the same aims, harmoniously but also a structured way of living to secure the future existence of the herd. Find out with the help of our horses what type of leader you are, where your strengths lie and how you resolve conflicts or even avoid them.


Only for adults. No experience of horses required!



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