Caution, prudence and foresight

coupled with a good dose of personal responsibility and common sense.

This is the new vacation that we will spend together.


We are constantly in touch with possible innovations from the highest economic bodies in Austria.

Should we incorporate new measures into our strategy, we will adapt this info page directly!


We also recommend the platform of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture,

Regions and Tourism as well as the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber:

Here you can inform yourself in the same way.


Basically and as the most important rule:

KEEP AWAY, wash your hands regularly and act with common sense.

Increased hygiene measures are a matter of course.

Hospitality at the Replerhof

safe, cordial, attentive

Special times require special arrangements. Until further notice we have adapted the cancellation conditions to the current situation. If there are local or personal travel restrictions (e.g. entry ban to Austria, quarantine, ...) during the Corona period, no cancellation fees will apply.



For your trouble-free check-in due to the new regulations the 3-G rule therefore applies:


  • Tested ( PCR - not older than 72 hours or antigen test - not older than 48 hours).


  • Vaccinated (22nd days after the first vaccination, which must not be older than 3 months or 6 months after the 2nd vaccination)


  • Convalescent (up to 6 months after the disease with appropriate confirmation or proof of neutralizing antibodies, which must not be older than 3 months)


* For all guests with the entry status Tested applies: Self-responsible, regular testing on site at the expiration of the validity of the last test (validity of the tests: PCR test 72h, antigen test 48h, self-test with digital solution 24h); testing is offered in the hotel at fixed times - here we are in coordination with the TVB and keep you informed! Likewise, the public testing facilities in the area (Prägraten, Virgen, Matrei) are available to you.


* Compulsory testing also applies to children aged 10 and over


As of 19.5.2020, the entry regulation according to the European ECDC card applies in Austria.


Link & color explanation to ECDC card:

Green/Yellow/Orange: free entry // Red: no quarantine if persons are tested, vaccinated or recovered.


Do I have to go into quarantine after a stay in Austria or what formalities are needed? Please note that the regulations on this vary in each home country / state and are constantly changing and we can unfortunately not give any information here. Thank you for your understanding.


Please travel as straight as possible and in any case only healthy.

Check-in is possible from 2 pm on the day of arrival. For check-in, 1 person of the family will be received at the reception, the rest of the family please wait in the car, in front of the hotel entrance or, if free, in the entrance area. Ideally, you have already done our online quick check-in and save waiting time at the reception. Afterwards you can explore the hotel together, as agreed with the individual person! Your room is available from 3 pm at the latest.


Check-out is possible from 8 to 11 am. 

At the moment we recommend contactless payment via online banking. For this we can send you the total invoice the day before by mail on request.

You are also welcome to pay the day before your departure during reception hours, preferably card payment, to make your departure day comfortable.

To ensure a smooth processing of your requests, we ask you to come to the reception one at a time. Please keep a safe distance of 2 meters. An inconspicuous glass wall at the reception offers further protection.


Likewise, we are available by phone for questions or concerns that are not on our hospitality page.

In the reception area, in the entire restaurant and buffet area, when handing over children in the children's area, in the indoor children's area and when making appointments in Carina's Xund- und Vitaltenne, it is obligatory to wear an FFP2 mask for adults from 14 years of age and a tight-fitting mouth/nose protection for children between 6 and 13 years of age. Furthermore, wherever the distance of at least 2 meters cannot be maintained, an FFP2 mask/mouth-nose protection must be worn. And we are also grateful, always, if you yourselves feel it is important!


For children from 0 to 5 years, there is no mouth-nose protection requirement.


For guests with mask exemption & pregnant women, tight-fitting mouth-nose protection is mandatory.


Look at you and look at me! Keep at least 2 meters distance.

This sentence should always remind you to be mindful of the feel-good minimum distance in the Replerhof.

Throughout the Replerhof area you will find hygiene stations: Fixed disinfection dispensers as well as portable spray disinfection and in some places paired with disposable gloves and paper towels.


Room cleaning is adapted to the latest standards. The cleaning of the laundry is done by a professional company. Our cleaners use disinfectant, gentle cleaning agents and always wear a mouth-nose protection.


If you do not want your room to be entered by our cleaners, simply leave your used towelsoutsideyour room door in the morning. We will gladly exchange them for fresh towels.

Please be sure to hang the "Do not disturb" sign in front of the door!

You can look forward to our culinary delights! This is of course still in the usual excellent quality and with an extensive, regional offer.


In the entire restaurant and buffet area, the above-mentioned mask requirement applies. While you are at your family table, FFP2 mask and mouth-nose protection can be removed. We have decided to use disinfection dispensers in the buffet area and assume that our guests will comply with the obligation to serve themselves at the buffet only with disinfected hands. Children under the age of 7 are not allowed in the buffet area alone. Further internal measures are guaranteed by us. Likewise, for those who like to have dinner later, there is the possibility to sign up for a later dinner starting at 6:45 pm.


As usual, our salad buffet will be ready for you during lunchtime. In the evening, it will either be replaced by crisp fresh appetizers or served well combined as a main course.


The prescribed feel-good minimum distance at the tables is ensured, as we have sufficient restaurant space.

With only 2 families in the swimming area (lower floor) and only 2 families in the sauna area (upper floor), the maximum occupancy is generously guaranteed from the start. We ask for solidarity and cooperation.


That means: In order to guarantee relaxation and well-being, we have prepared a list by which each family has the possibility to use our wellness spa area exclusively with only one other family for 1.5 hours each day in the period from 7.30 a.m. to 9 p.m.. You can sign up for this as early as 5 p.m. the day before. This gives you an overview of the occupancy situation in the swimming pool and sauna at all times, so you can plan your day in peace and reserve a free appointment at short notice if possible.


In the relaxation rooms as well as in the garden, please place your loungers in such a way that you have your own comfortable place. Please keep at least 2 meters distance from other families.


For preventive reasons, our steam bath is out of service until further notice.

Cosmetic treatments and massages can be booked via our guest friend page contactless via Whatsapp, as well as directly with Carina on Monday from 8 to 9 am. Do not forget: Appointment only with FFP2 mask!

No FFP2 mask/mouth/nose protection is required during the treatment. Carina will prepare all measures for your treatment and is looking forward to seeing you!


Unfortunately, swimming courses cannot take place until further notice.

From 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and from 1:30 p.m. to 5 p.m., our caregiver Sonja spends as much time as possible in the fresh air with the children from 3 to 12 years old and spontaneously adapts her daily program to the age and number of children. For all children from the age of 6, mouth-nose protection is mandatory in the indoor children's area. We assume that parents are aware that the protection of children from COVID19 infection cannot be guaranteed. However, in order to keep the risk as low as possible and to maintain the best possible overview, please do not allow parents to be present during the entire childcare period. The handover of the children must take place personally at all times with FFP2 mask.


To allow for more flexibility, there is no fixed childcare schedule.

You need to know: If your children want to join the childcare during the day, you can call Sonja to find out where she is at the moment: +43 664 115 2204.


During lunchtime Sonja looks after a limited number of children. In this way we ensure that the children's lunch table can run in an orderly fashion. Sonja accepts the registration for this until 10.00 a.m. of the same day at the latest. This hour can be booked directly with her for an extra charge of € 10,- per child (amount will be booked to the room).


As usual, two of the threeplayrooms are also open for you outside of childcare hours and on weekends!



For the sake of all vacation guests, only HEALTHY CHILDREN are admitted to the Kids' Club. This means that all children are symptom-free at least 24 hours prior to drop-off and reliably show no appearance of vomiting, diarrhea, fever, cold, cough. In exchange, we do not keep an entire log of fever readings, etc.

Our Replerhof animal team is looking forward to your visit!

Pay attention to the feel-good minimum distance as well as regular hand washing and disinfection. Hygiene stations are also available here.


The entire team is well trained and cares for you attentively. All guidelines in dealing with guests are implemented attentively. The health of all is the focus. Please help us with your compliance with the rules. Only in this way can we offer you a relaxing vacation.


All team members wear a FFP2 mask/mouth/nose protection indoors to protect you from our side. Constant teams working in their own circles are also secured.

Should a hotel guest show signs of Covid 19 disease, the sick person and all fellow travelers must remain in the room and will receive the best possible care. The entire Replerhof team is familiar with the exact procedure. The central point of communication is the reception desk. All further measures are taken in consultation with the hotline 1450. All hygiene measures for room cleaning afterwards are meticulously observed.

Finally, we would like to point out that at the Replerhof we create the basis for a safe vacation and further on we count just as much on the personal responsibility of our guests!

With caution, prudence and foresight and a good dose of common sense as well as personal responsibility, we can all enjoy what is for you




This is what we wish for you with all our hearts.

Birgit and Josef & the whole Replerhof team



This page is constantly updated.

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