Encourage a connection with nature

A unique experience for stressed adults and children

Life progresses through wanting and achieving. Children start comparing themselves to others far too early. They follow a daily routine similar to that of adults: After breakfast a rush to get to school, from school to afternoon clubs, a music lesson in between, then football training, socialising with friends, visit the grandparents, feed the pets. When is the time for a child to be a child?


What does it take to be creative? In our opinion it needs time to unwind and relax, to gaze out of the window and gather enthusiasm to go outside, looking up to the mountains, dive into nature. We all need time to be inquisitive: With a family holiday in family hotel Replerhof you are gifted time to be with nature. Your stay in East Tirol provides a relaxing alternative to your daily routine.

Simple life
Our philosophy lived sustainability will be
Unique encounters
How we simply shape your family holiday

Nature experiences for young and old

Mountains and movement, organic farm and craft with natural materials

Enjoy the spring sun and stroking animals, in the summer heat jump into a mountain lake, walk through the autumn splashing in puddles, in the crisp coldness build a snowman. The nature surrounding the family hotel Replerhof has its charm at any time of the year! We invite our guests – young and old – to explore nature regardless of the weather.


Many routes and circuits through the East Tirolean mountainous landscape invite you to discover and explore. Also the hotel surroundings offer plenty to see and feel: Our 4 star family hotel is connected to an organic farm. A variety of animals live on our farm which can be stroked and cared for by our guests. When children get close to nature, you live their nature.

Just a telephone call away from your family time in our family hotel
Call. Arrive. Relax.

You have questions? We have answers: The Replerhof is a family hotel in East Tirol for families with young, very young and older children. We offer afternoon childcare, but we request that you enjoy the joint time with your children. You can experience nature close up – around the hotel and farm – all year round. Our farm animals – sheep, Shetland ponies and small animals – are allowed to be stroked. Do they want to be stroked? Best ask them yourselves – on your family holiday in family hotel Replerhof in East Tirol!

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