Out of a love for nature


Your hosts in family hotel Replerhof are not only hosts, but farmers as well and therefore have a deep connection to the countryside. In their daily routine they recognize that with care and nurture animals and plants thrive. They decided early on for sustainable organic farming, that puts the well-being of all involved at the centre of attention.

They allow the guests to thrive on the love and care that is part of their everyday routine. There is a special sense of togetherness made possible by a personal encounter. Our staff want to ensure that your holiday in East Tirol is a unique experience. Enjoy your family holiday in family hotel Replerhof: honest, authentic and unique!

Out of a love for nature
Living sustainability
We work with principles and philosophy

From farming to hospitality

The history of our 4 star family hotel

“Once upon a time, before we had children of our own, we took a journey through East Tirol, to visit several family hotels. To enable ourselves to make better judgement of what was of offer in the various hotels, we “borrowed” our friends’ children. We visited the hotels to find out what was most important to parents and their children. It was only after our journey of discovery that we opened our own family hotel in Prägraten on Großvenediger. After a while we became parents of three wonderful children that have developed into wonderful adults. That’s how long ago it was! One thing that has never changed over the years is our interest in big or small people, for the togetherness of the family and the world.”
- Birgit Unterwurzacher, your hostess


Little people
How we accompany and care for your children
How your family holiday becomes a unique experience
Just a telephone call away from your family time in our family hotel
Call. Arrive. Relax.

You have questions? We have answers: The Replerhof is a family hotel in East Tirol for families with young, very young and older children. We offer afternoon childcare, but we request that you enjoy the joint time with your children. You can experience nature close up – around the hotel and farm – all year round. Our farm animals – sheep, Shetland ponies and small animals – are allowed to be stroked. Do they want to be stroked? Best ask them yourselves – on your family holiday in family hotel Replerhof in East Tirol!

Unique experiences in the family hotel Replerhof


More often than not we don’t allow ourselves enough time in our everyday routines. We live to a schedule, always trying to achieve too much and not concentrated on ourselves. In the family hotel Replerhof you can allow yourself time to do nothing. Pause for a moment: take a look and see a breathtaking mountainous panorama. Listen carefully and hear the leaves rustling in the wind. Feel deep inside yourself. Allow yourself and your children to enjoy free time in family hotel Replerhof and experience a fantastic holiday that promises you a unique experience: Your family holiday in East Tirol!

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