Consciously meeting the animals

How the children of our guests learn to treat animals

How do you greet a horse? How to approach a sheep? How to get close to a rabbit? You approach the animal – from the front, so as not to surprise it – stretch out your hand. If the animal is interested in making new acquaintances it will make the next move. The animals on our farm are very inquisitive so it is only a matter of time before the horse will sniff your flat open hand, the sheep lay their heads in the hands of guests and the rabbits hop by for a stroke.


On the Replerhof farm we approach people and animals with respect and appreciation. For us that means: We allow all species room to be and do whatever they want. We want to teach children to value their surroundings. When it comes to animal contact, it cannot be forced, they either come to us humans or not. We have to accept both. In the handling of animals children learn a sensitivity towards all living things. They learn to look, hear and feel

Petting Animals
Petting Animals

Our donkey-family Hansi and Luise with Hugo Ludwig and Hector Luis greet the children with his loud hee haw in their stable. The black nosed sheep Balu and the dwarf sheep Henriette, Hanni, Adam and Eva live with the dwarf goats Sally, Lisa and Andi under one roof.

Small Animals
Small Animals

In the pen for small animals the rabbits Emmy and Fluffy look forward to cuddles and strokes as do the guinea pigs Gyda, Malou, Ylvi and Celia.

Horses & Ponies
Horses & Ponies

In the paddok waiting for gentle hands are the Haflingers Albani and Estha and the ponies Sissi, Rica and Niala are looking forward to the younger guests! Apart from that a family of Mini Shetty’s also live on the Replerhof farm: Mum Emara with Ilias and Eleah!

Great family time

Offers for your Replerhof family holiday
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01.06.2024 bis 15.07.2024

Be a little farmer and a little farmer's wife! What are the tasks of a farmer and a farmer's wife on the farm?

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