Well-being for the parents

Family hotel in East Tirol with wellness offers for Mum and Dad

Tension from head to toe. Rings under your eyes from sleepless nights. An uncomfortable feeling of overwhelming? Then it’s high time for relaxation and recuperation! Even when Mum and Dad have learnt to put their children’s’ wishes before their own, it is important to recognise your own needs. Listen to your body and give in to the call for recuperation: Reward yourself with a step back from the daily routine!

Our wellness treatments are specially designed for parent’s needs. Let us know where the problems lie and we will try everything within our knowledge to relieve the tension. We work with nature – we use local herbs for our treatments. You can book your spa treatments in advance. Free appointments are advertised in the family spa area.


Through soft massage in areas of tension millions of sensory cells are activated which in turn send messages to the brain. Brain and body work together: relaxed muscles allow a calm mind.


Relaxation baths support the process of regeneration: Close your eyes and dive into a world of well-being. We bring in natural herbs for our baths. We use local herbs to support our sensory journey.


Our beauty treatments work from within. Due to the intensive cleansing of face and body we achieve a natural glow. This enables your inner beauty, which we achieve through calm and relaxation to shine!

Our masseur


Our masseuse Carina Fritzl is a true multi-talent when it comes to wellness: from classic massage to reflexology and lymph drainage treatments to soothing baths and packs, Carina has the necessary tools to relax your body with gentle touches or a firm handshake. She always has an open ear for the aches and pains of her clients and is also very experienced in dealing with children.


by WhatsApp under +43 699 12181399

or by email tofritzl.carina@gmail.com

Website: https://xund-vitaltenne.jimdofree.com/


Classic massage

Classic massages are directly used to combat pain and strain. They are used to relieve stress, harmonize and vitalize. Other positive effects are shown through increased circulation and therefore mobilisation of tissue layers.


Back or neck massage 30 minutes / 32 Euros
Back or neck massage 40 minutes / 40 euros
Full body massage 50 minutes / 49 Euros
Massage mix: 3 massages of choice 60 minutes / 58 Euros
Massage mix: 3 massages of choice 90 minutes / 79 Euros
Full body, foot and face massage 90 minutes / 79 Euros
Abdominal massage F.X.Mayr 30 minutes / 21 Euros
Leg massage 30 minutes / 29 Euros

Reflex zone massage

Through pressure receptors a reflex zone massage reaches all areas of the body including organs and the brain. It ensures a deep relaxation and for this reason is often used to combat stress related restlessness or sleeping disorders

Foot reflex zone treatment 30 minutes / 32 Euro
Foot reflex zone treatment 40 minutes / 40 Euro
Foot Fit Package: peeling, bath, reflexology, pack 60 minutes / 58 Euro
Facial reflex zone 30 minutes / 30 Euro

Shen shiatsu

Shiatsu is usually practised in comfortable clothing on a mat on the floor, whereby hands elbows and knees can be treated. Alongside soft rhythmic movement, techniques for mobilisation and acupressure are used to promote physical, emotional and mental well-being and to show possibilities for development.


Shen Shiatsu back treatment 30 minutes / 45 Euros
Shen Shiatsu full body treatment 60 minutes / 62 euros
Shen Shiatsu Meridan treatment 60 minutes / 62 Euros
Shen Shiatsu 3 point system price on request
Shen shiatsu balancing treatment price on request



The world of baths

Medicinal bath, herbal oil-bubble bath, herbal bath, brush bath 28 Euros
Rose petal bath for two with a glass of prosecco 27 Euros

Packs on the Haslauer treatment bench

Algae pack, moor pack, aroma pack 30 minutes / 32 Euros
Candle oil pack 30 minutes / 32 Euros
Prägratner mountain hay pack 40 minutes / 37 Euros
Nutrient pack as a protective shield for our body 30 minutes / 32 Euros
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