Worth visiting all year round

In your family hotel in East Tirol, experience spring summer autumn and winter

Throughout the yearly cycle everything has its place: The awakening in spring. The green of summer. The fading of autumn. The white of winter. The changes flow, one season replaces the other. In the family hotel Replerhof in East Tirol experience all aspects of the beauty of nature.


In spring the countryside surrounding the family hotel Replerhof begins to awaken. The meadows and forests light up green. The crocuses emerge between the last patches of snow.
A spring dream!


During the warm months is remains cool in the mountains: Fresh mountain air brushes over the land and touches the treetops and mountain peaks. Mountain herbs grow in the lush meadows, giving off an enticing scent. A fairy tale summer!


The deciduous forests are bursting with colour. The mountain peaks appear within touching distance, rugged summits against a deep blue sky. The sunrays lose their strength as gold turns to a misty grey. Autumn joy!


During the cold season nature takes a break. Overnight a white veil covers the land. From the first flakes of snow in November to the first rays of sun in March the winter landscape is forever changing in East Tirol. A winter journey!

Great family time

Offers for your Replerhof family holiday
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01.06.2024 bis 15.07.2024

Be a little farmer and a little farmer's wife! What are the tasks of a farmer and a farmer's wife on the farm?

from € 190,–
28.09.2024 bis 05.10.2024

Hike to the source of the Isel - the last free glacial river in the Eastern Alps.

from € 210,–
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